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What can’t be missing in the office?

Urban Acero by Venis & Tanzania Taupe by Seedwood

Whether in the office or in the home office set up for work, there are aspects that you should take into account when designing your workspace as they will help you in your daily life. Do you want to know what is essential? Keep reading this blog because you will discover some tricks to improve productivity and concentration.

1. Plants: Apart from being an ideal decorative accessory, plants provide health benefits; they reduce stress and, as a result, the possibility of having depression thanks to the stimulation they provide.

On the other hand, plants absorb noise and reduce it slightly so they will allow you to have a quieter space. Put them on the table!

2. Natural light: Take advantage of every ray of sunshine! Natural light promotes physical and mental well-being and improves the quality of sleep. In addition, and according to a study by the University of Lancaster, this type of light improves workers’ performance by up to 6% and their creativity by 15%.

So, whenever possible, place the table near the window or glass. But that won’t be enough. The workspace must be well equipped with lighting – LEDs are recommended to reduce consumption – both overhead LEDs in the case of large offices and desk LEDs in the case of small offices.

Tanzania Almond by Seedwood

3. Furniture: Choose carefully the table and chair you are going to use because it will be key. If you are going to spend hours and hours, it is best to choose a chair with wheels so that you can move it easily if necessary and with armrests to rest.

Similarly, the footrest promotes good alignment, posture and ergonomics.

On the other hand, go for the open shelves. While closed drawer units and base cabinets allow you to have everything more organized at a glance, shelves without doors will make your work easier because you will find everything sooner.

4. Suitable ceramics: If you are thinking of designing a new office, don’t hesitate with the product for the floor and wall tiles. Ceramic will be your great ally since it does not require special maintenance. You will only need to sweep or vacuum in case there is dust and clean with water.

In addition, it is resistant to falling objects and scratches that could be caused by moving chairs, for example.

Ceramic wood offers you these advantages along with the elegance and naturalness of wood. No matter what style you want to give your office, Seedwood will surely work perfectly.

Its versatility will allow you to install it in any space (waiting room, office, stairs, toilet…) and thus create continuity.

Minnesota Honey by Seedwood

Another option is to mix Seedwood with Venis ceramics. One of the images we present in this blog combines the Ice floor covering with the Urban floor, one of Venis’ premium collections.

5. Required material: Even though new technologies are more and more present, don’t forget to always have a notebook or sheets of paper at hand where you can take notes and get organized. There are psychologists who claim that making lists reduces anxiety, stimulates creativity and encourages the ability to set priorities.

Post-its can also be good material for writing down specific things or reminders.

On the other hand, you will need all kinds of stationery (pens, erasers, staplers…) and a mouse pad.

6. Creative decoration: It is not advisable to overload offices with decoration as they can distract you or cause chaos. However, you can put in some details to bring more warmth such as candles, books or paintings.

For this reason, we have decided to hang a world map on the wall.

Ice Tanzania Taupe by Seedwood

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