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Tanzania Walnut: scents of tradition

Tanzania Walnut by Seedwood

With shades halfway between red and brown, Tanzania Walnut takes on the strength to fill the spaces with personality and energy. An unmistakable model for the brightness and hardness that conveys and that is suitable for all types of rooms.

Although it can be adapted to all styles of interior design (contemporary, classic…), this Seedwood shade fits perfectly with a more rustic image. It takes us to the French Pyrenees where their lakes, forests and valleys surrounded by villages remain intact for decades.

There we find the typical wooden houses where nature enters through the windows. Inside, Tanzania Walnut as a floor and wall covering. Its properties allow it to keep the temperature during the summer and insulate from the cold during the winter when temperatures drop to 2 degrees.

But how do you create a magazine cabin? In today’s post we bring you two totally different designs to show the versatility of this ceramic wood.

A two-level room

With a more avant-garde style – and a touch of minimalism – and in the middle of the mountains, Tanzania Walnut is part of this two-level living room (picture above). We highlight the two large windows, something essential when you design a house located in the middle of nature. Don’t miss the views that the landscape offers!

Wood cannot be missing either. In order not to overload and enhance the natural light that comes in, we have combined Seedwood with Venis’ Vela Black cement-based collection. Both offer a counterpoint to the furniture and decorative accessories in black, gray and white shades.

In addition, there is an explosion of textures that we love. The leather of the magazine rack, the marble of the couch’s side tables, the glass of the floor vases or the fur of the blanket blend in very well.

However, we cannot overlook the dining table and wooden bowls and the braided wicker lamps. These aspects cannot be missing in a house located in the mountains.

Attic, a mountain refuge

We also present this attic designed with Tanzania Walnut and Mirage Cream from Venis. On this occasion, we have chosen to install Seedwood both on the floor and on part of the ceiling to reinforce the rustic image.

Of course, the window to the outside could not be missing to be able to live next to the clouds and the gaze of the birds. To make the most of the views, we have installed it on the sloping roof. When building it, it is a bit more complicated, but you will appreciate it later.

For the furniture, we have also chosen wood and fur. Everything in brown and beige shades to keep the same line at all times. Two small briefcases and two shelves where you can leave your favorite books complete the scene.

The Mirage Cream model installed on the front wall lightens this space converted into a refuge in the middle of the mountain.

Tanzania Walnut by Seedwood

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