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A shelter to disconnect

Nebraska Tea by Seedwood

Never before has anything made us so strong or made us understand what is really important in life. What do you miss most? Most people answer this question by saying that they wish they could give a hug, see their family, talk to their friends… and breathe fresh air. Going out and walking around while sunshine shows a shy smile has become one of the most requested plans for when lockdown is over.

And when you can go on vacation, where will you travel? There are endless answers, but if one destination stands out among all, it is that quiet place where you can disconnect and relax, a place where you can forget about your problems.

Starwood | Bedroom

A mountain shelter where you can hear and feel nature. We know that can be a fantastic option for your next getaway, but until it comes, it’s time to look out the window and dream.

At Seedwood we have imagined what our perfect accommodation would look like and made it a reality. A bedroom with a terrace so you can spend hours and hours enjoying the views. Inside, a large area that allows the room to be divided into areas.

On the one hand, we would have the night area with the bedside tables and the bed. The neutral and soft colors of the bed linen and the two printed hair cushions that break with the simplicity of the rest of the accessories stand out. Remember that cushions will always make your bedroom look more dressed. You can take advantage of these elements to add a touch of color to the room or combine different textures.

Starwood | Reading area

Next, there is the reading area where we have placed a beige chaise longue. Once again, cushions are a fundamental part of the decoration and filling of the room. Besides, they always add that cozy touch. The Cala Marset floor lamp will reinforce this warmth.

Finally, there is the study area where you can entertain yourself with the computer, write your own diary or read, among many other things. We have kept the same range of colors and have used wood again.

It should be noted that wood is the usual material of any mountain shelter. It conveys a feeling of home so it will make us feel at home. That is why we have installed Starwood both on the wall and on the floor.

nebraska Tea by Seedwood

Starwood | Nebraska

The model chosen for our dream bedroom is Nebraska, a collection that features pure black knots against almost invisible veins.

It is available in three different colors: Coffee, Noir and Tea. We have used the latter, applied both indoors and outdoors since the Outdoor technology allows to install it in terraces without any visual difference with the interior piece.

Who would dare to discover a refuge like this during their next vacation? On our social media you will find more settings with this style.

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