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Seedwood: Resistance and durability

Vancouver Honey by Seedwood & Newport by Venis

Seedwood’s durable and resistant character makes it one of the most suitable materials for facades and exteriors. Its five collections and 25 colors remain intact in the face of rain, moisture, high temperatures and the passage of time thanks to the technological and production advances made by Porcelanosa Grupo in recent years.

By designing the textures and details of the most natural wood, Seedwood has managed to create a unique product on the market, which had been so sought after by the architecture and design fields.

For this reason, many people are trusting our ceramic wood for facades. Its versatility and easy adaptation allow it to be perfectly combined with other materials. This is the case of the projects we bring you in today’s blog.

With the aim of designing exteriors that offer a lighter, fresher and softer image, Seedwood has been mixed with Venis light-colored ceramics.

You have to take into account that you can build whole facades with Seedwood , but it would reflect a more robust and rustic look that doesn’t quite fit with the style we bring you today.

Seedwood | Ferroker and Tanzania Natural

We highlight the exterior covered with Seedwood’s Ferroker and Tanzania Natural collection. An ideal fusion as the wood counteracts the rust finish of the Venis series. We have chosen to install Seedwood’s pieces vertically to enhance the height of the villa.

In the second case, we preferred to join Vancouver Honey with the cement appearance of Newport. The honey color of the wood contrasts with the beige, focusing all eyes on the door and the top of the terrace. Unlike the previous one, in this case we have installed Seedwood horizontally because we wanted to emphasize the width of the entrance as the height was guaranteed.

Seedwood | Newport and Minnesota Camel

On the other hand, we have combined Minnesota Camel with Newport Acero in the entrance of a residential house. The idea of this design was to create visual uniformity, so we chose to put Newport on the large, tall blocks and the Seedwood model on the floor.

A wealth of possibilities that can be achieved thanks to Seedwood’s versatility. Dream and imagine and we make it happen.

Minnesota Camel by Seedwood

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