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L+N House: A fusion of contrasts with Seedwood

Project Seedwood

Full of contrasts both in its chromatic range and in its textures, with an interior design that pays attention to detail and with great views to the outside. This is the L+N house located in Las Rozas (Madrid) and designed by the LEdesign4u studio.

From white to black and from stately style to Boho Chic. A fusion of ideas that together have created a perfect and designer home.

It all started in the kitchen. Interior designers Loreto Prieto and Elena Llorente were clear that this room should be predominantly black, so they chose all the furniture (cabinets, doors, taps …) and appliances (fully integrated) in this color. A minimalist and sober image that elevates its beauty to the fullest when combined with dark flooring.

Seedwood | Nebraska Noir

Our 25 cm x 150 cm Nebraska Noir ceramic wood reinforces this stately air in a designer but very functional kitchen that opens up to the living room. This is why this floor tile model extends throughout the house.

In the dining room area, we see how the dark and earthy colors are mixed with pure white to enhance the light coming through the large window. The light blue used in some of the decorative accessories such as the cushions provide that sweet and soft touch that counteracts the strength of the rest of the furniture and accessories.

However, the Vertigo lamp takes the leading role in this space. “Co-star of this project. All the circulation of the room revolves around it, giving it great importance. The industrial style is brought about by the locksmith’s work integrated into the wall, creating a space in which to store glassware”, explain the founders of LEdesign4u.

Project Seedwood

Starwood | Earth colors

From these two main areas of the apartment, we move on to the rest of the rooms where these chromatic ranges of absolute contrast with earthy color touches that connect it with nature are also extended. The bedroom stands out for its combination of Nebraska Noir and upholstery.

An explosion of elegance that has made the headboard of the bed capture all the attention. “I wanted to do a different upholstery look with a material that could match the lighting and the switch mechanism, so I decided to use Seedwood to give it continuity with the floor.

Starwood | Ceramic wood

A very personal hallmark that has made the room unique, innovative and warm at the same time. You have to take into account that wood is always a safe choice if you want to convey that feeling of home “where you can enjoy with family and friends”.

Seecdwood is the best wood imitation there is so we knew we wouldn’t fail. In fact, there are many times when people think it’s natural wood”, confess Loreto and Elena.

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