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Seedwood receives German Innovation Award

German Innovation awards

Wood is one of the oldest materials used in building and interior design. It has always headed the list of the best products for a home because of its versatility and warmth. However, the architecture and design industry demanded an option with these properties, but one that would last over time.

This is how Seedwood was born, fusing natural wood with the advantages of ceramics. In this process, innovation has always been our great ally to achieve the most absolute realism and thus stand out in the market.

And it seems that we have achieved this because Seedwood has received the German Innovation Awards in the category of ‘building materials’. This award recognizes products and solutions that differ from and offer added value to the rest of the existing offer.

Seedwood | Innovation

“Innovation shapes the future and improves life. Sometimes you can see it at first sight, but often you cannot. That is why this award wants to change that, making great achievements visible to a wide audience and ensuring successful positioning,” they explain from the organization.

Committed to reviewing the competition in order to highlight the best brands, the jury – a German design council founded by the German Federal Parliament and sponsored by German industry – has been distinguishing international design, brand and innovation achievements since 1953.

German Innovation Awards joins the ‘Best Brand of the Year 2020’ award that was presented to us last week by Plus X Awards. This recognition highlights the quality and performance of the five collections (Vancouver, Tanzania, Namibia, Nebraska and Minnesota) that make up Seedwood.

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