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 How to decorate a two-level room

Tanzania Almond by Seedwood

Designing a room with two height levels may seem like a complicated challenge, however, it is simpler than you think. You just have to take into account some basic keys to achieve the fusion of beauty and functionality.

Want to know how to do it? Keep reading this blog because we’re going to tell you some tricks that you’ll be sure to get right.

While it is true that the two-level zone allows you to unleash your creativity, the most practical option is to divide it into two different environments. In our latest design we have opted for living and dining room, but you can choose other ideas such as living room and library for those more fond of reading or living room and office for those who work at home.

SEEDWOOD | Colours 

The steps (or stairs) divide these two parts by themselves, but lean on the decoration to make even more of a difference or, otherwise, to achieve greater uniformity.

In the two-level room we bring you today, which is designed with Seedwood and the Vela collection by Venis, we wanted to integrate one environment with another through the colors and decorative style. That’s why we used sand and earthy colors with touches of dark gray and black in the living room and dining area.

This color range is only broken by the greenish blue of the upper cabinet and the maroon of the two vases in the lower area.

In general, it can be said that both surfaces have a contemporary style with rustic touches, as the wood focuses attention and the furniture and decoration emulate nature. It should be noted that the floor tile is Tanzania Almond, one of the most natural colors we have in Seedwood. We recommend that you keep the same floor on both levels.

If you want to separate, there are other more subtle, elegant ideas. For example, you can distinguish the two atmospheres with a simple wooden structure that enhances the height (it should always be flush with the ceiling) and divides without overloading the room.

You should also bear in mind that each zone should have independent spotlights. For the dining room, we always recommend ceiling lights, while for the reading area you will need a standing light. For the living room, a table lamp will bring you warmth and will be enough to watch TV or rest.

Seedwood | Two styles

On the other hand, you can opt for two different styles so that the two spaces are clearly defined. However, try to make everything coherent. For example, you can choose the classic style for one area and contemporary in another, or minimalist and boho chic. Do not mix a tropical style with a rustic one -to put two extreme cases- as it will not give you a sense of unity and, in the short term, it will tire you out.

For the more daring, there is the solution of playing with colors and creating contrast. In one of the levels you can use cold shades and in the other, warm ones, but always try that the furniture and the complements follow the same line (straight lines, curved lines, light or of chunkier…)

Whatever the design, remember that one of the most important things is to get natural light and that the green of the plants fills the spaces with life.

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