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An African country and a new Starwood collection that is presented in the four existing formats and two tonalities: Amber and Nature. Maintaining its texture and appearance of wood, Namibia represents the deepest nature with its marked layers.

Namibia Gallery


“Its irregular veins, in a tone darker than that of the piece, but without a high contrast, bring realism to this new series that can be used both as a floor and as a wall covering. The subtlety of the drawing is similar in both tones, but each of them has its own story.”


“They are different, they are unique, they are completely identifiable when their masterpiece has the leading role We did it for them, because they inspire us every day, because they know how to take care of their art like no one else, because, thanks to them, we get better every year. We want to take their love for their own work further and beyond, out into the stars. This is our wood and our tribute to them… Craftspeople.”


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