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Seedwood, the best formula for hotels

It is time to keep dreaming about traveling, to imagine what that moment will be like when we can immerse ourselves again in other cultures and get to know new places. When you plan a trip you always think about which city will provide you with the most unforgettable experience, which places you will visit, who will accompany you on the adventure and where you will stay.

Choosing a hotel is very important because it can totally change a trip. People usually analyze the location, the cost, the services it has and, above all, the image it projects. The pictures you find of the accommodation will influence whether you accept or reject it.

Once this ‘test’ has been passed, the hotel must still respond to its customer with a flawless image and unquestionable quality. All the rooms in the building must be in perfect condition.

To this respect, the materials chosen for the floor and walls are key because they must withstand the high traffic and the passing of time. Seedwood guarantees this resistance and durability so today we bring you our particular hotel.

SEEDWOOD | Reception

Let’s start with the reception. The first place that the user knows so it cannot miss details to make a good impression. We have designed it with our ceramic wood (Smart Tanzania Natural model) on the wall and the Verbier collection by Venis on the floor.

Both products allow you to create an orderly and clean space that transmits naturalness and timelessness because it is a reception suitable for any season. When you want to give it a new image, all you have to do is change the furniture.

So far, we have opted for furniture with curved lines because they always fit better in people’s minds. Straight lines or extravagant shapes can cause rejection at first sight.

On the other hand, plants give a lot of life and joy. They are very positive in attracting the attention of customers.

Tanzania Natural by Starwood

SEEDWOOD | Bedroom

From the reception we go to the bedroom where this quality must be kept. Within an exclusive style and design, the simpler the better. One of our recommendations is to use the same material for the room as for the toilet and terrace (if available).

The Vancouver Moka model in 25 cm x 150 cm format is the one we have chosen to achieve visual continuity. We have also included it in the shower as, thanks to its latest technology, it can withstand water and moisture, as well as ensuring the safety of the person against possible slipping.

In order to enhance the space and make it look like a larger room, we have combined it with Artic from Venis. Its pure white and gray veins reflect and multiply the light.

We recommend that the accessories be in brown or gray colors, two basic shades that will make these cans or accessories go unnoticed.

Vancouver Moka by Starwood

SEEDWOOD | Spa and pool

The special Starwood hotel also has a spa and swimming pool where we have installed Tanzania Nut because it guarantees freshness and serenity. Besides, it keeps the temperature so people can go barefoot, something so common in a space like this.

This harmony is preserved with the beige color of the wall covering. This is the new Vela collection by Venis and its Tahití wall decoration. This one draws small cubes with a height of up to 5 mm, thus enhancing the height and relief.

Only the loungers contrast because we have chosen a grayish and blue color for the cushions.

It should be remembered that Seedwood does not require any special maintenance. We always defend this benefit, but in a hotel the cleaning is daily so the wood imitation ceramics can make the work much easier.

Tanzania Nut by Starwood

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