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About us

SEEDWOOD… The wood of the next century

SEEDWOOD was created in 2017 to cover a market niche demanding the beauty of natural wood and the characteristics of ceramics to create a material that would guarantee long-lasting durability.

SEEDWOOD is the result of exhaustive prior research and development:

Why choose SEEDWOOD flooring?


Fire and water resistant

It can be installed in any space, either interior or exterior. In addition, the material is fireproof and can be used in kitchens without the risk of fire.


Easy to clean

Its composition makes it highly resistant to chemical cleaning agents and its low porosity prevents the absorption of damaging agents in cleaning products.


Unchangeable in sunlight

The surface of the flooring can withstand sunlight without any discoloration or changes in the original tones.


Low maintenance

The flooring does not need any specific maintenance product or any treatment after installation.



We work with organic and natural pavements, full of veins and knots. With the Combinations collection we take a step further: we use linear and geometric shapes that give amplitude and texture to the pavements.


Sustainable material

We work with environmentally sustainable materials and production processes. We want to preserve our legacy so it can be passed on to future generations.



Thanks to the wood graining the flooring has a natural, comfortable feel which also prevents the risk of slipping. For this reason, we recommend its installation in rooms with a lot of traffic.



The design of the edges of each piece improves their aesthetic and dimensional features. It also makes installation more practical and convenient.


A thermal sensation that is both warm and cool

The nature of the material gives that fresh feeling that is so sought-after in the hotter months, controlling the room temperature in summer. It also allows the installation of radiant central heating to fill the room with warmth. Consequently, it offers the wellbeing you’re looking for all year round.


Hardness and resistance

We adapt the technology and the hardness of the materials to offer pavements that are capable of withstanding day-to-day use. Its resistance allows to adapt to stays with a constant average traffic, such as hotels, shops or restaurants. In addition, it is resistant to knocks and accidents due to falling objects.



Our product range offers great versatility, to adapt to the style of your home. We use a wide color palette with great richness of tones, to create warm environments with unique products that fill your surfaces with light and personality.

At SEEDWOOD, we believe that the quality of a product is rooted in its characteristics. We aim to take our passion for our work even further, to the stars!


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